A movement of naysayers

On Tuesday, a large group of university professors and research staff gathered outside Parliament, demanding a revision to Article 16 of the Constitution that would allow the establishment of private universities.

A black hole in law and order

In Greece there is the rule of law. This means that, ostensibly, laws are enforced and violations invite punishment. But all this is theoretical. Apart from the problems linked to the dispensation of justice, in some areas law enforcement is actually seen as a deviation from democracy. The laws...

Not-so-invisible hand

If we are to believe the opinion polls, consumers complain about high prices. If we are to believe TV, the problem of high prices is caused by some unnamed interests that make profits by keeping prices artificially high. If we are to believe the Development Ministry, free competition will take care of the problem.

Supply, demand and turkey prices

The law of supply and demand applies in all countries around the world. There is no debate about whether it is just or unjust, just as there is no debate about the fairness of the law of gravity. People regard it as self-evident and fundamentally simple: The more the price of a product increases, the less demand there is for it, and vice versa.

The challenges OTE faces in a new era

Unfortunately, it looks as if the debate about the privatization of state telecommunications operator OTE will go the way of the review of Article 16 of the Constitution, which foresees the creation of private universities. The public debate about OTE has become trapped in all-too-familiar...

Media shuns real world poverty news

If the proportion of poor people in the world had doubled over the past 20 years, this would be cause for much handwringing and concern. Foreign-educated professors and left-wingers would write passionate articles against global neoliberalism which makes "the rich richer and the poor poorer."

The chaos theory in full effect

Do we really know what is going on at our ports? If we believe what various representatives of our production sectors have been saying, then we should be very worried indeed. This is not only because of the 15-20 percent price hikes on goods that the current situation is likely to provoke by...