It’s not the North; it’s common sense

The austerity policies imposed on the South of Europe are not the product of a Protestant mind-set or a Northern desire to punish the South for having too much of a good time. They are merely common sense: Sooner or later consumption reaches the level of production.

PASOK devoid of theories

PASOK’s biggest problem in the past was that it had too many conflicting political theories that often resulted in the paralysis of the party. The biggest problem today is that it has none.

Divided by numbers

The fiscal multipliers were calculated after the fact and they were found to be so big because for three years now instead of deregulating the market, instead of implementing the necessary reforms, we have made zero progress.

The law of the gang

It seems that this country will never be able to enjoy a rule of law where offenders are punished regardless of the color of their flag and their supposedly higher ideals.